Monday 6 May 2013

Some photographs from April 2013

 Ouse Valley Viaduct.

 Preston Park sub`.

 Bexhill East.

 Old railway hut at Balcombe tunnel junction.

 Bedfordwell pump house.

 Hurstmonceux observatory.

 Horsebridge watermill.

 Close-up of the airship mooring hoops.

 The old hut revisited.


Arlington bluebell wood

Myself, Ruth and Mabel went here on the Sunday and I asked if I could go there the next day very early. Pippa said I could so I arrived there this morning at 05:20!  Although it was going to be a cloudless day there was thick mist which didn`t lift for the two hours I waited. It lifted long enough to get a couple of bright ones but then misted over again...

Nice sunrise near Folkington, May 2013


Old Bills shed/workshop

The old chap over the road has a wonderful old shed that he built in 1936!  He was an engineer and when times were hard he had to build things or mend things to get some money.  A lot of his equipment and tools are from the 1930`s and he still uses them - he`s now 98.

 World War One wood turning lathe designed for the battlefield.

 Drummond metal lathe from 1918.

 Bills workbench, 80 years of use.

 Bills grinder.

 Close-up of the grinder.

 Close-up of the wood lathe.

 The wood turning lathe.