Saturday, 28 February 2009

The unfinished railway near Lindfield

This line would have branched off the Brighton Line at Skew Bridge near Borde Hill. This would have been called Skew Bridge junction. If you look carefully when you drive under Skew Bridge, you`ll see some extra brickwork on the Lindfield side. This would take the new line off towards Lindfield. Much of the embankment was built and some brick bridges are drawn on an 1885 map I purchased. It can be clearly seen from Copyhold Lane and also on the western side of the Lindfield to Ardingly road. It even crossed this road and a station for Lindfield would have been built here! Works were also carried-out at the Uckfield end but nothing in the middle. All this was taking place in the 1850`s but they eventually ran out of money.

1885 map showing the two bridges, one over Spring Lane and one over the Ardingly road. You can also clearly see the embankments.

The site of the Spring Lane bridge.

The embankment at Spring Lane

The embankment coming into Lindfield from the right

The remains of the Ardingly road bridge.

The remains of the Copyhold Lane bridge

And the other side.

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