Sunday, 23 November 2008

Demise of my DSLR

I was really looking forward to photographing a nice sunrise at Cooden Beach again. It started well and I got these nice ones...

And then it all went terribly wrong. I like to put the tripod quite low at the edge of the water and get the long exposure shots of swirling water. I`ve done it loads of times but this time a huge wave came out of nowhere and soaked me and the camera. This is the last photograph I took and the flash went off as I lifted it from the water! When things go wrong they really go wrong too. The half hour after this happened, the sky was the most amazing pink and so was the tops of the storm clouds nearby. I have to wait and see if I can claim off my insurance now. And I couldn`t! That`ll teach me :(

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Steve said...

oh no!
check out

and see if there's anything cheaper, the exchange rate is still good - I could get it and bring it over for our trip.